Foam Lab Playground

· Foam Lab Playground ·
A day-long programme with experiments, music, performances, visual art, interventions ánd photography, in order to experience the Foam Talent 2019 exhibition in a different way. During the whole day you can drop by at Foam Next Door and online through our social media outlets. Check the line up to know when your favourite experiment is coming up! Witness artists while they are working, be part of a live sound installation and follow the online live stream. Join us and become part of the experiment!


· Foamlab Express ·
Tune in on the Foamlab Express and experience the entire ‘Foam Talent 2019’ exhibition from a whole new perspective. See the tour online via or come and check it out, offline in Foam Next Door itself.

· Performing Reflections ·
A performative reaction by 4 performing artists to the 20 photographers of the Foam Talent exhibition. Get theatrical, physically and auditory stimulated and find a deeper layer in the visual arts.

· Fornuishond ·
Together with the building and her visitors, a soundscape will be crafted over the course of a day; a sonic interpretation of the structure, an ode to new talent and the temporality of Foam’s residence in this former office building.

· Kwareren ·
You’ll be guided through various forms of interaction with the artwork to be in deeper connection with your imagining consciousness and your neurons will find new connections in your brain. Come and train your creative muscles.

· A – B ·
A playful intervention guides the road between the Foam Museum and Foam Next Door. Relive your childhood. This game lets you find words that show you the way from A to B.

Campaign images by me