DansLAB: X and/or Y

DansLAB: X and/or Y
Een interdisciplinaire zoektocht naar imagovorming.

Our graduation performance which is based on an artistic research, shown in the Auditorium of the Oude Kraan, ArtEZ Arnhem in March 2015. But also during Uurtje Oost at Theater aan de Rijn, Arnhem in May 2015 & during Docent Dans Event, ArtEZ Arnhem in June 2015 & at De Oploop, Cultuurmij Oost, Ulft in January 2016.

This performance was not possible without the amazing performers Elodie Emilisa, Laura Saumweber, Annika Schima, Maxime Kroot, Emma Dekker, Lynn Kosakoy, Judith Eeftink, Eliott Marmouset, Lydia Snoeren, Dieuwertje Hazeleger, Romy Schoutese, Emma Hanekroot, Jaimy Stregels, Cathelijne Both & Djenné Schwachöfer. The music is created and live performed by Fanny Winter & Kaspar Föhres. All costumes are made by Lizzy Stuyfzand, Eva Sieljes, Victor Klijsen & Anna Celic. With visuals by Lisa Boer, who also made the PR material. Directed and created by Bart Merks & Yuliya Globa.

Publication in ArtEZ Finals.